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Central Line offers you the facility to book your tickets safely and easily. Use the calendar below, press the cursor on the date you want to make your reservation.


It is essential to enter all your personal data. In case of more than one reservation online is because of the personal data of each passenger.

Personal Documents

Dear user remember to present their identification documents in good condition when boarding the bus.


In Central Line S.A. doesn't make reservations within 48 hours or less.


SJ - M 4:30am

Viaje San José - Managua 4:30am


M - SJ 4:30am

Viaje Managua - San José 4:30am


SJ - M 10:00am

Viaje San José - Managua 10:00am


M - SJ 10:00am

Viaje Managua - San José 10:00am