Central Line provides direct regular service leaving every day SAN JOSE-MANAGUA and vice versa, the buses have air conditioning, TV, DVD, reclining seats, bathroom and travel assistant.
The bus makes a rest stop 15 minutes down the road at a restaurant in Guanacaste.
The company has strategic stops and gives the possibility of addressing depending on the way home, subject to a reservation in the system. Additionally, you can deal without the ticket purchased, as the travel assistant has the ability to make the sale.
Without any setbacks or events on the road and because is a direct trip the average time to get to your destination living at 4:30 a.m. arrives between 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm and the trip from 10:00 am arrive between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
In low season 2 or 3 days before the departure date and in high season; Easter or December with one and a half or two months in advance.
Low Season Reservations can be made by phone, with or without a tiket . In high season bookings, the reservations are taken personally regardless of whether they have tickets or not.
If you do not travel the day of your reservation. ticket validity will not be lost in low season, high season you have to make the change with a minimum time of one week prior to the date of your trip, so you do not lose the ticket validity.
Kids from 4 years and older will be charge with a full ticket and is assigned a separate seat number for them.
The ticket does not expire, the return ticket is bought at the border, can be used when deemed appropriate by reservation.
With the ticket, the passenger can bring two bags for no additional, for any additional bags will be an extra charge.
Appliances may be worn as long as there is a commitment of anticipated load from the office and have an additional cost. Important: The appliances are not luggage bags.
For direct travel to Managua or San Jose the passenger will need a valid passport, the Nicaraguan non Costa Rican resident pays a $ 32 VISA, Costa Rican or foreigner does not need a VISA to enter Nicaragua. The Costa Rican children need sheet specifies where active migration country's permanent exit from the parents. There are other options for Nicaraguans pass or temporary passport.
If the passenger is a Nicaraguan, must pay $ 1 going to Nicaragua and $ 1 coming back to Costa Rica, a Costa Rican or other nationality have to pay $ 13 going to Nicaragua and $ 3 when coming back to Costa Rica.
Yes you have to pay the Costa Rican VISA, if you have the Costa Rican ID expired.
Central Line has rooms for rent in Managua terminal and in San Jose we can provide different options of places nearby that you could satay.
We have the service of delivering parcels and documents. If it is a different item that needs to be sent we will checked whether is feasible or not send.
If you are not a Costa Rican resident, yes you have to buy a return ticket; Costa Rica Migration Institute requires a return ticket.
Yes, the ticket can be transferred to another person, but you have to pay pay a penalty of $ 5 to cover the process and paperwork costs.
The seniors (people older than 65 years) will have a 10% discount in their tickets.

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